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Multi-vitamins have become essential to health in the modern world.  For Most of us they provide the nutritional balance and energy our diets and lifestyles lack.  Our dogs and cats live in this same reality, so why would we deny them this balance?  4ever Muti, in all-natural human-grade blend of nutrients and minerals, will give your dog or cat what it needs for the health and vibrancy it deserves.

4ever Multi replaces the nutrients absent in manufactured food, fortifies your pets immune system, and promotes bone strength and overall health.  Multi-vitamins make sure your body has what it needs to function right.  Don't your animals deserve the same?

4ever Multi with Multi-Pure, a pure Human grade synergistic blend of vitaminis and minerals designed to restore human grade micro-nutrients into your pet's diet.

Great tasting hickory smoke flavoured chewable tablets for excellent palatability, making it enjoyable to administer and easy to administer. 4ever Multis will allow other supplements to work more effectively, as the overall health of the dogs will increase. Formulated specifically for the independent needs of dogs, and the yummy hickory smoke flavour ensures that dogs take them like treats!

4 Ever Multi 90 Tablets-Dog