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Designed to promote new cartilage growth, this product decreases pain and increaes joint mobility.  Joint Revive combines Human Grade quality Glucosomine and Chondriotin with herbal anti-inflammatory agents.  Joint Revive helps in the treatment of arthritis, hip dysplasia, chronic joint pain and inflammation.  Revive your pets enjoyment of life.

Joint Revive provides only pure ingredients and only those which are Human Grade.  Arthritis, chronic joint pain, hip dysplasia, and inflammation interfere with activities your pet once enjoyed.  Joint Revive brings back this enjoyment to your dog.

Joint Revive will revive your pet's enjoyment of life.

Made to human standards through GMP manufacturing, Joint Revive is loaded with quality and joint strengthening ingredients that promote the production of cartilage, which facilitates healthy joints. Glucosamine and Chondroitin enables the animal to not only produce new cartilage, but also lubricates the joints preventing weathering of existing cartilage. Chondroitin maintains the elasticity of cartilage, which promotes healthy joint lubrication, flexibility and function.

Joint Revive has potent pain reducing qualities and the proven anti-inflammatory properties of White Willow Bark, Devil's Claw Extract, Ginger Root, and Cayenne Powder. Anti-inflammatory agents slow down the progression of arthritis and possibly enable the healing of joints. By helping renew synovial fluid, the pain of hip dysplasia is reduced.

Joint Revive comes in great tasting Hickory Smoke flavored chewable tablets for excellent palatability, making it enjoyable and easy to administer. The yummy hickory smoke flavor ensures that dogs take them like treats!

Joint Revive, Xtra Strength-Dog 90 Tablets